A Guide to Cricket Betting

Wankhede Cricket Stadium Mumbai

If you are ready to dive into the world of cricket betting, you are in the right place! While many people enjoy just watching cricket, a growing number of cricket fans are turning to cricket betting to take their excitement to the next level.

Is Cricket Online Betting Just for the Pros?

Definitely not! Being a die-hard cricket fan with a tonne of cricket knowledge is definitely not a prerequisite for cricket betting. It might look complicated if you’ve never bet on cricket before but that shouldn’t put you off. Even if you are a casual watcher interested in exploring the world of cricket betting, with a good cricket betting tips guide like this one, it can be easy to take a step into the betting world.

In this article expect to find information on common cricket bets, places to find the best cricket bookie, and responsible gambling withing the realm of cricket betting. If you are on the lookout for more resources for learning how cricket online betting works, take a look at this article on cricket betting where you can learn about topics such as betting odds and factors that affect cricket odds.

What is Live Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting doesn’t have to be always completed before a match starts. It’s now absolutely possible to make bets during a live game! This means, while you are watching or reading the live commentary of a match, you can essentially continue with your cricket betting. Perfect for if something happens during play that could change the course of a match.

You can also find live changes in the odds that a cricket bookie will offer, ensuring a high level of excitement all the way till the final moments of the match.

You need a reliable news source for all the latest and live cricket scores, as well as a whole host of information about the different tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, the Cricket World Cup, One Day International, Test Cricket, and the Twenty20. Check out the Indian cricket news website Cricbuzz to help with getting all best information to accompany your live cricket betting. They cover everything from player stats to team rankings and videos of matches to text commentary.

What’s the Deal with Cricket Betting Apps?

Nowadays it’s possible to have the convenience of carrying a whole cricket betting site in your pocket through the development of cricket betting apps. More and more online bookies have created optimised versions of their full online website for smartphones, so you won’t miss out on anything from their website. This means no matter where you are, you can bet on the go through cricket betting apps for all your favourite cricket matches and tournaments, especially for IPL betting online. Cricket betting apps will also contain the crucial information about live and upcoming matches letting you keep on top of all the latest news.

With cricket betting apps you’ll be able to make all the usual bets such as match winner, coin toss, top bowler, top batsman, first wicket, innings predictions, and much more.

What Tournaments Can You Bet on Cricket Online?

There will never be a shortage of cricket tournaments ensuring that if you want to bet on a match, you’ll be able to. Whether it is a domestic or international tournament, we will cover it all so you can be ready for a great cricket betting session. Betting strategies often change between the tournaments due to the differing lengths, so be sure to check out some online cricket betting tips before you start.

  • Test Cricket: This tournament is played over five days consisting of 90 overs each. It’s possible for there to be a winner or end in a draw. This tournament will see a lot of change over the five days as the pitch might deteriorate with wear and tear or the weather might pose some challenges throughout the days. Due to the length, it’s more popular for general cricket online betting rather than live cricket betting.
  • One Day Cricket: This tournament is a shorter version of Test Cricket, played within one day and is fairly popular for live cricket betting. Each team has 50 overs.
  • T20: This is the shortest tournament with each team playing with 20 overs each. This can be completed in just one afternoon and due to the quick nature, is a favourite for cricket online betting.
  • Indian Premier League: This yearly tournament is a Twenty20 cricket league consisting of eight teams. IPL betting online is incredibly popular due to IPL being the being one of the biggest and best cricket tournaments.

How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Sites

It can be a nightmare trying to compare all the best cricket online betting sites. Nowadays, you can find easily reputable sites that compare the best betting sites. Rather than having you compare all the details yourself, you can find features such as betting odds, bonuses, bets, and much more all on the same site. These sites will most likely contain some online cricket betting tips as well, so look out for recommendations about profitable bets and information about the teams playing.

Save yourself the hassle and find a reputable site to get the hard work already done for you, allowing you to focus on what you came to do – bet on cricket!

Responsible Gambling Within Online Cricket Betting

Cricket betting should only be used to enhance the excitement surrounding cricket. It should always feel fun and you should also always bet within your means. It’s true that cricket betting for some individuals may be used as an escape and be contributing towards a gambling problem.

If you begin to feel that cricket online betting is no longer for enjoyment, organisations such as begambleaware.org offer free help and support that is always confidential. Their services are available not just for individuals worried about their own habits, but also for those seeking help for someone else.