How to create a business from a scratch

The potential growth scale of small businesses are limitless. For this reason, there are numerous activities on the rise, and if you are thinking of starting yours, here are the best small business ideas that you can capitalize on today.

Freelance Writing and Content Developing

Writing is a skill that can be easily learned with a bit of dedication and commitment. It is also among the most in-demand digital skills today, therefore there are numerous opportunities out there to capitalize on. The most amazing thing about this business is that you can run it in your free time and still keep your regular day job. You can earn a lot by offering your writing and content developing skills on a freelance basis.


Another business in the line of writing and creativity is starting a blog. It is one of the easiest businesses to run. However, it takes consistency to maintain. Your blog can simply contain write ups on your professional experience, or lifestyle, or any other identity you want to settle for. In a short while, you can start to make profits off your blogs through ads.

Child Care Services

This business suits younger age groups more than adults who probably have an 8 - 4 job. In fact, running a child care service capitalizes on knowing customers who barely have time to look after their kids. Start by getting them to drop their kids off or you can go pick them up, and babysit till the parents return. This business requires no technical know-how, therefore it is easy to start.

Courier Service

This is a small business that only requires your mobility. Courier service personnel delivers messages or parcels from one person to another. You don’t need much to get started, simply a bike or bicycle would suffice. This, however, depends on the terrain of the environment. Just like the preceding business idea, experience isn’t needed here either.

Social Media Manager/Consultant

Being savvy with social media platforms and knowing how to create engaging posts or grow a follower database can earn you money easily. You can offer services to businesses looking to grow their online presence and also drive sales.

Home Maintenance Services

If cleaning is something you can do without breaking a sweat, and that you also enjoy it, then home maintenance is a good business for you. It is pretty straightforward and only requires you to be tidy.

Website Designer

Virtually all kinds of businesses are currently looking for a way to create an online presence and audience. The first step to achieving this is by having a website and this is where you come in. If you have hands-on skills as a website designer, you can simply start by offering your services for a fee to local businesses in your area.

Event Planner

This business involves a lot of planning and scheduling. If you are disciplined enough to have those skills, then you can acquire clients and build a database for your planning and organizing business. Some of these events include parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

Makeup Artist or Photography

Lay your hands on clients who do not take their looks with levity, and offer to them your services. Over time, they would trust and recommend you for larger-scale jobs like weddings and other occasions.

On the other side, photography is also a very good and easy to start business. Cover events and celebrations or simple photo shoots and get paid to do so.

Cloth Designer

Customizing wears has been made simpler through services like CafePress, and you can take advantage of that to make money. Simply design your shit and sell online through Amazon or eBay. You can also choose to have them shipped to you to sell physically.

Language Translator

As long as you are handy with a couple of languages (at least more than one), you can start up your business by becoming a middle man translator for clients. Your skills could be offered in simple translations or more complex tasks like document translations.

Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate marketing works when you have a large database of an active audience. Start by building this database, after which you can market for brands and other businesses and earn a little commission on sales made through you. This business might take time to build and roll in profits.

Home Tutor

Home tutoring is a good business to start up due to the rise of every parent that wants to have academics, excellent kids. Start a business today by offering your services across different subjects. You, however, require academic qualifications to successfully develop a business like this.

Music Tutor

Music teachers are also in high demand, especially since it offers a great career path. If skilled and qualified in music, you can offer your services to students (young and old), teaching various instruments and music rudiments.

Kitchen Service

Cooking is a good business when you can do it right. You can start a business by saving homes the stress of cooking through customized deliveries or simply running a restaurant where people come to buy from.

Starting a small business is one of the easiest ways to make side income for a start, and could grow to something much more with the right dedication. You don’t even need to have prior skills or experience for some. Don’t procrastinate, start that business today!